Temperature Alert Products

Temperature@lert products are distributed throughout Australia through Thermo Controls. Thermo Controls provides overnight delivery with approved Australian power supplies and local replacement warranty. Our prices are most comparable to the USA factory price including delivery. We carry the entire range of products including cellular, WiFi and USB as well as humidity sensors of different lengths, hubs and solar powered units.

With Temperature@lert’s cloud-based temperature monitoring solutions you can protect yourself from temperature changes that can cost thousands, if not millions of dollars in damage and lost productivity. Our products provide not only data logging, but also real-time alerts allowing customers to immediately react to potentially disastrous temperature fluctuations. With over 15,000 devices installed in over 40 countries around the globe you can be certain we have the expertise and experience to provide the right solution.

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Arthermo Thermometers

Our range of Arthermo Thermometers have been our mainstay of thermometers for over 44 years. They have proven to be the number one dial thermometer in Australia and around the world. They are made with the up-most quality based on ISO 9000 standards and the Italian Certification Companies of Quality Systems (CISQ).

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Ultra Plus Remotes

The fourth generation Ultra Plus is the most compatible A/C remote on the market today. It was designed and engineered for many Australian A/C units unlike the common off-the-shelf remotes imported from China. While the table code only lists 100 brand names this remote will work with thousands of different A/C units, both split systems and window units. Understand of the hundreds of manufactures around the world making Air Conditioners for thousands of brand names the factories do not reinvent the wheel each time they brand another machine. Hence even though your particular machine may not be listed in the Brand Code Table there is every reason to believe the Ultra will still work.

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Flexiflare Wrenches

Flexiflares offer the refrigeration mechanic the only professional solution for removing and tightening flare nuts. They have been designed in accordance with the Heldon range of refrigeration flare nuts and meet or exceed international standards. These wrenches address the needs of a whole generation of mechanics that have used a shifter when tightening flare nuts. Typically when a shifter is used it can damage and/or destroy the brass fitting. Up until now these products were unavailable. Now Thermo Controls offers Flexiflares that go beyond the typical flare nut wench. Flexiflares are able to reach into small tight areas due to the handle moving 230 degrees. In addition they have a small lip at the bottom enabling the head go drop further on the nut insuring a better fit.

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ICM Controls

ICM leads the HVACR industry in the manufacture of electronic controls. We have achieved this position through product and process innovation, and we strive to maintain this position through extensive capitalization, focusing on our greatest manufacturing strength: true vertical integration. Our products are proudly made in America.

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Ultima II Remote

Programmed to your needs and specifications The Ultima II remote gives you control over your air conditioners. Programmed for you, to save you money they operate by controlling the temperature you would like the air conditioner to run at. Don’t let your guests run the air con at 16 degrees, use our remotes and you choose the minimum temperature setting.

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Clean Remote

Introducing the Clean Remote!
Enhances overall image of room cleanliness.

  • Spill Proof – Helps prevent remote from being ruined or having sticky buttons.
  • EASY one touch set-up – No Codes Needed.
  • Never has to be reprogrammed even if batteries are removed.

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